More than yoga.

Our Classes

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Explore your physical and mental capacity through asana practice. Asanas are only one of the eight limbs of yoga and we invite you to learn from some of the Mumbai 


Yoga Trapeze

Relieve yourself from a hard days work and gain maximum benefits from inversions with our Yoga Trapeze classes. Utilizing the trapeze lengthens your spine and improves blood circulation immensely!

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Connect with your higher self and find peace within by joining us during our special meditation classes. One of our expert teachers will guide you through this beautiful art that aids in healing the mind, body and soul.

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Liquid Sanctuary is now open!

1hour float on the weekdays = INR 3,500 plus GST

1 hour float on the weekend = INR 4,000 plus GST

Click on the video below for more information on the benefits of floating!