all sanctuary pass

All Sanctuary Access Pass

With this pass, you can attend any one of our regular classes with any teacher, any time, barring the workshops and special events. All prices are subject to 18% GST. 

8 classes        Rs. 5,000

12 classes       Rs. 6,500

20 classes      Rs. 10,000


Teacher's Sanctuary Class Pass

For those of you who know which teacher and time work the best for your schedule! This class pass allows you to attend a specific teacher's classes only. All prices are subject to 18% GST. 

8 classes            Rs. 4,500

12 classes           Rs. 6,000

20 classes          Rs. 9,000


Drop-in Class

Feel free to drop-in if you're not a member yet.
First-Time Special:
Your first visit to the studio is only INR 500. After that, the drop-in price is INR 750.

Terms and Conditions: All prices subject to 18% GST. Yes, even if you pay cash. All membership passes are valid for 60 days. Get INR 1,000 off of your first membership pass. Discounts only apply to 8, 12, and 20 class passes.